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Since our total pull-out of the Southeast Asia region, we have had the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (formerly known as the Joint Task Force) in the region with the sole goal to bring "our boys home." There have been the repatriation (remains returned to the United States) of approximately 700 plus remains since 1975. These repatriations are not without their disappointments and controversies. These are the Missing in Action (MIA) who whether agreed upon the identification or not, were recently "Welcomed Home."

These are the veterans who were returned, identified their remains and reported to their family.

All information was updated 27th March, 2017

PMSEA Report -- Personnel Missing -- SouthEast Asia


Accounted POW/MIA

Unaccounted POW/MIA

Air Force 842 506
Army 365 513
Coast Guard 1 0
Marine Corps 135 202
Navy 332 359
Civilians 81 31
Totals 1736 1611

Pursuit Status


Unaccounted POW/MIA

Further Pursuit see note below 1023
Deferred see note below 91
No Further Search see note below 497


The countries involved are: VN (Vietnam North - 463), VS (Vietnam South - 798), LA (Laos - 300) CB (Cambodia - 49), and CH (China - 7) which accumlative is 1,617 and is inclusive of the 31 Civilians noted above. Please contact me if you want service branches breakdowns within each country. Also understand that more than 450 are over-water losses and are inclusive of the no further pursuit totals.

American remains repatriated post - January 27, 1973

Vietnam 715
China 3
Laos 276
Cambodia 41
Total 1035

Since 1975

U.S. GOVERNMENT EFFORTS: Since the fall of Saigon in 1975, the U.S. Government has acquired 23,575 reports possibly pertaining to Americans in Southeast Asia:

Firsthand live sightings 1,996
Hearsay sightings reports 5,614
Crash/grave sites 5,947
Dog tags 10,018
Total 23,575

    Of the 1,996 firsthand reports received since 1975, 1,941 (97.24%) reports are resolved.
  • 1,340 (67.13%) reports were equated to Americans who are accounted for (i.e. PW returnees, missionaries, civilians jailed at various times for violation of Vietnamese codes).

  • 45 (2.25%) reports were correlated to wartime sightings of military personnel or pre-1975 sighting of civilians who remain unaccounted for.

  • 556 (27.86%) reports were determined to be fabrications.

    The remaining 55 (2.76%) unresolved firsthand reports represent the focus of the U.S. Government analytical and collection efforts:

  • 48 (2.40%) pertain to Americans reported in a captive environment.

  • 7 (0.35%) reported sightings of Americans in a non-captive environment (i.e. working as truck drivers, married with Vietnamese families).

    Since mid-1982, 10,018 “dog tag” reports have been received on over 10,000 names.

  • Generally speaking 93% of those names reported are individuals who returned to the U.S. alive.

  • 5% correspond to U.S. remains that have been recovered/identified and buried in the U.S.

  • 2% relate to individuals who remain unaccounted for.

    In all instances, dog tag reports receive thorough investigative attention, to include informing the military services of those reports with valid names so next-of-kin can be advised as appropriate.

The following timeline presents an overview of unresolved firsthand sightings by the year of the sighting:

Timeline: Uresolved Live Sighting Reports








36 2 1 10 1 50








0 1 0 4 0 5

These are the Missing in Action (MIA) who whether agreed upon the identification or not, were recently "Welcomed Home."

Member Rank

First and Last Name





Accounted For

1st Lt. William C. Ryan 5/11/1969
U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
Marine Fighter Attack Force 115, Marine Aircraft Group 13, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Fleet Marine Force Pacific 5/11/1969 Laos 1/3/2017

Repatriations Chart

These are the veterans who were returned, identified their remains and reported to their family.

This list is in a PDF format because it is so large, you will have to download the information to review.

Repatriations Chart (PDF)-- updated 27th March, 2017


Original Missing 2,646
Repatriated 982
Still MIA 1,664



* controversial finding
+ rescinded identification but remains on the list
# identification disputed and suspicious