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Updated 22 July 2015

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Sons and Daughters In Touch (SDIT)
The Moving Wall™
The Moving Wall™ -- The Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Museum Foundation
The Virtual Wall®
Vietnam Dog Handler (VDHA)
Military Working Dog Teams National Monument (JBMF,Inc)
Vietnam Security Police Association (VSPA)
Gold Star Mothers
Blue Star Families
The Lost and Found
The Beginning

Sons and Daughters In Touch (SDIT)

“They Were Our Fathers”

There is a generation of sons and daughters who will have children of their own and none of them will ever know their father; their grandfather. There are many family members who will miss their departed relative and finding someone who understands the loss becomes a connection for life.

SDIT’s mission statement is “to locate, unite and provide support to sons, daughters and other family members of those who died or remains missing as a result of the Vietnam War…”

Personally I have never met one son, daughter, sister, brother, mother or father who did not demonstrate anything but incredible compassion for everyone they had a chance to give a hug.

To learn more about SDIT for membership, programs, projects and frequently asked questions for local, regional and national SDIT groups visit their web site.

I am honored to be an associate member.

The Moving Wall™

It was billed as a "National Salute To Vietnam Veterans" which the special event was held over a five (5) day period. Beginning Wednesday, November 10 to Sunday, November 14, 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on Saturday, November 13, 1982. Vietnam combat veteran John Devitt traveled to the dedication ceremony. He thought this would be a great reunion to reconnect with some of the guys with whom he served but had lost contact. As he approached The Wall, he felt a spirit and realized where this calling would take him. He knew he had to devise a way to share his experience with Americans who could not come to DC.

John immediately returned to California, and along with two Navy friends, Norris Shears and Gerry Haver, and other volunteers they constructed the first half-size mobile replica of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial. The inauguration of the mobile memorial was displayed on October 15, 1984 at the Tyler, Texas Rose Festival. 21 years later, this memorial continues to travel around the country having the unique moving effect on everyone who pays their respects to John's original dream. To learn more about The Moving Wall™, their yearly scheduled community visits, and how to sponsor an event in your community, please visit their web site.

The Moving Wall, Wall A replica will be traveling to 23 cities throughout the U.S. from April 30 til November 10, 2015. I am honored to be an associate member.

I am including the 2015 "A" wall schedule. www.TheMovingWall.Org

2015 Schedule

04/30 - 05/04 Lawrence, Indiana
05/07 - 05/11 Conyers, Georgia
05/14 - 05/17 Ft. Jackson, South Carolina
05/21 - 05/25 Rancho Palos Verdes, California
05/28 - 06/01 Roseville, California
06/04 - 06/08 Tucson, Arizona
06/11 - 06/15 Ft. Carson, Colorado
06/18 - 06/22 Stuart, Nebraska
06/25 - 06/29 Rock Springs, Wyoming
07/02 - 07/06 Hollister, California
07/02 - 07/06 Millersburg, Ohio C-Wall
07/09 - 07/13 Cancellation
07/23 - 07/27 Milwaukee, Oregon
08/06 - 08/10 Dexter, Missouri
08/13 - 08/17 Hawarden, Iowa
08/20 - 08/24 Lockport, Illinois
08/27 - 08/31 Racine, Wisconsin
09/03 - 09/07 Round Lake, Illinois
09/10 - 09/14 New Richmond, Wisconsin
09/24 - 09/28 Jefferson City, Missouri
10/01 - 10/05 Orland Park, Illinois
10/08 - 10/12 Blairsville, Georgia
10/15 - 10/19 Evans, Georgia
10/22 - 10/26 Coral Springs, Florida
10/29 - 11/02 Yazoo City, Mississippi
11/05 - 11/09 Bell Buckle, Tennessee


The Moving Wall™ -- The Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Museum FoundationThe Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall Museum Foundation

The big news is the commencement of The Moving Wall Museum Foundation. Exciting NEWS!!! THE MOVING WALL™ and The Moving Wall Museum Foundation received 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt status officially June 11th, 2014. The Moving Wall Museum Foundation website:

The Moving Wall Museum Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was incorporated July 1st, 2013 with the purpose of providing a home to view The Moving Wall and memorabilia placed at The Moving Wall sites since 1984.

John Devitt, founded The Moving Wall in 1984 after attending the 1982 dedication at The Vietnam Veteran Memorial in Washington DC. The Moving Wall is a half sized replica of the memorial, visiting every state in the US including Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam, and Saipan. It has been displayed 1,312+ times. At these displays, memorabilia has been placed by family, friends, and others in remembrance of a name inscribed on The Wall. After a week long showing, the memorabilia is collected and stored for safe keeping. The goal of The Moving Wall Museum Foundation is to build a museum in Michigan to display a Moving Wall and the memorabilia placed at Wall sites since 1984. This museum will provide a place for the public to gather, reminisce, find healing, and learn about the Vietnam War. We hope to reach this goal through a shared vision of the necessity to preserve this history.

For more information please go to The Moving Wall Museum Foundation website:


The Virtual Wall®

The Virtual Wall® provides a web site for remembrances, poems, photos, letters, and citations honoring those named on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

To learn more about the Virtual Wall and how visitors may leave tributes to someone named on The Wall for other visitors to pay their respects, please visit their web site


I am honored to be an associate member.


Vietnam Dog Handler Association (VDHA)

In 1993, VDHA was organized by six veteran Vietnam conflict war dog handlers originally to search for and re-unite veteran war dog handlers as well as honor the memory of their war dog partners. There are currently approximately 2000 members who consists of veteran war dog handlers and dog loving supporters of all ages and gender.

VDHA was founded with three core objectives in mind:
• Educate the public of the accomplishments of dog handlers in the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam Conflict and the dogs that served with them.
• Provide opportunities for the research and preparation of a detailed history of the use of dogs in the Vietnam Conflict.
• Locate and provide fellowship among dog handlers of all US Armed Services.

Other goals include:
* Continues to be a part of war dog memorial projects throughout the country.
* Getting the US Postal Service to issue a War Dog Stamp that honors the service and sacrifice of the nation's war dogs.
* Educating the public on what these incredible four-footed animals have done to save American lives on the battlefields of foreign Wars.

Men have volunteered to serve as "Dog Handlers," during WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, The military duty of serving with a dog in War is a bonding relationship and memorable experience like no other, that lasts a lifetime.

I am honored to be an associate member.



Military Working Dog Teams National Monument (JBMF,Inc)

Awaiting update

Board of Directors: John Burnam

Larry Chilcoat

Richard Deggans

Approved by U.S. Congress

(Public Law 110-181, Section 2877)

Congressional Sponsor: U.S. Representative Walter B. Jones, NC

“First time in American history that Congress has elevated Military Working Dogs to National Monument status by law.” – John Burnam
or find them on Facebook.

I am honored to be an associate member.


Vietnam Security Police Association (VSPA)

Vietnam Security Police Association (VSPA) is dedicated to the memory of those who served in 7th Air Force's Air Police and Security Police Squadrons during the Vietnam War, the 1,739 men of the 7th Air Force killed in action (KIA), and the 3,457 wounded in action.

To learn more about the Vietnam Security Police Association, please visit the web site.

Updating information

Gold Star Mothers

Under Construction

Blue Star Families

Under Construction

The Lost and Found

This section is within one of the best information web sites for Vietnam veterans. As the website explains, it is “a World Wide Web Vietnam Veteran Location Service. The purpose of this section is to help other Veterans and friends of Vietnam Veterans locate Veterans and others who served in Vietnam during the war years.” It is very user friendly and the rest of the immense web site should be thoroughly reviewed.

To learn more about the Lost and Found section, please visit the web site

(thanks to Danny B for the update)

I am honored to be an associate member.

Fingers touching James W Herrick Jr's name on the Wall

The Beginning: How can I ever thank you Tammy.

I am totally indebted to Tammy Denitto who suggested my website name and created this very dignified and respectful website. She had an awesome understanding of my goals. I am so very proud that she worked with me to get Touch The Wall up and running.

Her websites include her newest and also,

I am now totally responsibility as webmaster. Sharon Denitto