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The Moving Wall™ 2017 Schedule page

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The Moving Wall™ 2015 Schedule
Women Served in Vietnam -- currently under construction
Gold Star Children - ** Very Important Event 2013 Please Read and Share**
American Icon: Vietnam Veterans Memorial, radio broadcast Please listen and Share**
Operation Babylift ------ Vietnam "Operation Babylift" 30th Anniversary event
Pentagon to list honor winners (sic - should be recipients) to deter fraudsters
Significant Update - POW Network announces new web site
Medallion for Grave Markers in Private cemeteries for Headstones
Update on New National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis
POW/MIA Families are a target by an Unscupulous Individual
25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans' The Moving Wall™
Sarasota National Cemetery
Catching Wannabe (phoney) veterans - A NATIONWIDE EPIDEMIC
Run for the Wall

The Moving Wall™ 2015 Schedule

Since October 15, 1984 at the Tyler, Texas Rose Festival, the "Original, the first replica" of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial known as The Moving Wall has toured within and outside of the United States. Their 2014 travel schedule is only for the "A" Wall This year just one replica will be traveling to 23 cities throughout the U.S. from May 1 til Veterans Day, Novermber 10, 2014.


"Women Served in Vietnam"

I am adding a new page to my site called: "Women Served in Vietnam". It is still under construction but this all evolved from meeting so many amazing, incredible, dedicated women who served in other capacities during the Vietnam Era. I have had the honor to meet so many daughters, wives and also mothers who said goodbye to their loved ones way to early. During Wall events, I met many interesting and special nurses who actually were considered military. However the two women who changed my thinking were Lana Noone, founder of the Operation Babylift organization, and Ann Kelsey, U.S. Army Special Services Libraries.

Recently I was introduced to another extraordinary woman who wrote a book on her experiences, "So, What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This (Seoul to Saigon)”. Her experiences were captivating (no pun intended) and come to find out she also knew the other two women whom I have worked with for so many years. Dr. Sandra Lockney Davis was a member of the U.S. Army Special Services and with one more unusual circumstance that brought us together was the fact she went to Bitburg High School with my husband while their families were stationed. Over the next few weeks I will be adding these woman, publications, association lists, etc. I hope you all will take the time to look at my new page…this is a baby I am very proud to have nested in my web site. Thank you

So, What’s a Nice Girl 
Like You Doing in a Place Like This (Seoul to Saigon)” - click to enlarge


Gold Star Children 2013 ** Very Important Event 2013 Please Read and Share**

This year for Veteran’s Day, a new documentary film “Gold Star Children” will debut nationally and be available for digital download via Goldcrest Films and the 501c3 non-profit Gold Star Children at

The film chronicles the journey of two generations of children who lost a parent serving in the military - those who lost a parent in Vietnam, and those who lost a parent serving in more recent conflicts (i.e, 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan).

While America honors the patriotism of these brave families who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, for too long the stories of the children left behind by our fallen warriors have not been heard. This documentary film interweaves generational perspectives and history, through the perspectives of the now-adult children who lost fathers in Vietnam and with the voices of today's children impacted by military loss.

We are presenting this asking if organizations would consider being an official partner for the film. There are several ways that you can be a partner, for example:

-- allow your organization to be listed as a partner on the Gold Star Children film web site. Please send us an email with your organization's web-ready logo attached and accompanying one to three senternces about your organization so that we can list you as a partner. Please email to:

-- tell others about the film by issuing an e-blast. The film will be show nationwide on the Pentagon Channel on Veteran's Day and will be available for digital download on the film web site

-- become a social media partner for the film. Commit to sharing information about the film on your organiation's facebook page, Pinterest page, blog, and/or Twitter feed in the weeks before and after Veteran's Day. We will provide a screening copy of the film to you free of charge to screen to your members and supporters.

Cast members may be able to participate in person, or via Skype or telphone. If you would like to support the film in any of the ways listed or if you have another idea to offer, please contact: Mitty Griffis Mirrer at:

Mitty Griffis Mirrer (401)323-7475


"American Icon: Vietnam Veterans Memorial" radio broadcast * very poignant * Please listen and Share**

A year ago while living in Ireland, I was interviewed about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and my involvement with the Moving Wall (TM). Eric Molinsky interviewed me from New York on the phone and I was with a sound technician from Dublin. It was explained that this would be a fair and in depth and non-political program for our Vietnam veterans. Basically it would a radio broadcast simply stating "this singular work of architecture has influenced how we think about war." So I agreed to participate, along with John Devitt, founder of The Moving Wall (TM). The programs was broadcast throughout the U.S between 4 October and 6 October, 2013. However, you can listen to the hour long and is now available for download). I looked at the names of the participants and wondered how did I get with such an elite group of people and then I viewed the few photos and on pages 20-21 were mind, there I was surreal. For 46 years I have dedicated myself to bringing respect to my generation, our Vietnam Veterans....because many are no longer able to speak for themselves and there I was.....I fulfilled my pledge to the 58,200+ who are forever on the memorial--The Wall. Please listen to the broadcast and please share this amazing documentary broadcast. All of our veterans who have served, all generations need to hear hear this incredible gathering of individuals who speak from their hearts. Also please don't forget to thank a veteran for his service and "Welcome them home"

You can use either link:



Operation Babylift

Operation Babylift -- NEW Event. This addition, although not being directly connected to "The Memorial," it's founder Lana Noone has an amazing web site on an event impacting our departure from Vietnam. The members who were involved in Operation Babylift and the children who were directly affected have an incredible insight to this prominent time in our history.

Vietnam "Operation Babylift" 40th Anniversary Event held on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at the New Jersey Vietnam Era Educational Center, Holmdel, NJ (Exit 116-Garden State Parkway on the grounds of the PNC NJ Arts Center)
Full Day Program Includes:

-- 21-Gun Salute and Military Ceremony

-- Film screening

-- Speakers

-- Art and Artifacts Exhibit

-- resident Ford Babylift Congressional Tribute Display

-- Heather Constance Noone Memorial Plaque Ceremony for the Womens Garden

-- Music and much more!

-- Reception to follow.

Please visit the official website at and scroll down to "Babylift Event" for complete details.

Thank you! Lana Noone

Please visit and/or contact for complete details.


Pentagon to list honor winners to deter fraudsters

WASHINGTON — Winners (sic) (*please note they should be referred to as recipients) of the American military's highest honors for valor are to be listed on a new Pentagon webpage in a bid to unmask fraudulent claimants, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday. The Defense Department has taken the step in response to a Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Stolen Valor Act of 2006, which had made it illegal to lie about receiving the Medal of Honor and other military awards.

The official webpage will "help maintain the integrity of awards and honors earned by service members and veterans, " Panetta told the Joint House Armed Services Committee and House Committee on Veterans Affairs. "You are all aware of the Supreme Court decision that determined that free speech allows someone to lie about military awards and honors," he said. "Free speech is one thing but dishonoring those who have been honored on the battlefield is something else." Initially, the website will name all US service members who have won the Medal of Honor since September 11, 2001. This is the top award for gallantry, given to those who act beyond the call of duty to risk their lives during military action. Panetta said the website would "in the near term" also include recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross (Army), the Navy Cross, the Air Force Cross and the Silver Star, all medals awarded for gallantry in action.

"This effort will raise public awareness about our nation's heroes and help deter those who might falsely claim military honors, which I know has been a source of great concern for many veterans and members of Congress," he said. "We will look at expanding the information available on the website over time," Panetta added. Supreme Court judges said the Stolen Valor Act, which could impose criminal penalties on fraudulent claimants of military honors, was a violation of the US Constitution's first amendment -- freedom of speech. Copyright © 2012 AFP. All rights reserved


Significant Update - POW Network announces new web site ****

(open letter to the supporters of the POW Network non-profit organization)

Dear Friends, As you well know, the POW NETWORK is in it’s 23rd year of service. In recent years, it has become more and more evident our time and energy has been focused on exposing frauds and phonies, and sadly, less and less on the POW/MIA issue. That is not to say the POW/MIA issue is any less important nor the stories any less urgent. It’s just that the path of writing bios, and finding phony POW’s as we did so, started something in 1998. Preventing anyone from scamming a POW family - had an urgency to it!

Reports of frauds and phonies now generate 90% of our mail. It is an all day, every day (all holidays included) effort. In response to the evident need, and epidemic proportions of the FAKE WARRIOR problem, we are shifting our focus and mission. We have just unveiled a new website that focuses solely on the FAKE WARRIOR mission. The FAKE WARRIOR PROJECT is a division of the POW NETWORK and maintains all the tax-exempt donor status established.

The POW NETWORK section of Heroes or Villains will simply host a “redirect” page to the new site. The rest of the POW NETWORK site will remain active, updated as to POW/MIA biographies, and current casualties. But the site, filled with so many stories of true heroes, heartbreaking loss and decades of questions, will no longer be soiled with the false tales perpetrated upon the public by the scum who make false claims. For those of you that link to the profiles of the POW/MIAs – nothing will change. As time goes on, we will be making some aesthetic changes, but it will not interfere with links. For those of you that link to the profiles of the FAKE WARRIORS - the frauds, phonies, and wannabees listed – you will need to go to the new site and get the updated links, or the links will fail. All updates in the last couple weeks have been on the NEW site, as Heroes or Villains has gone stagnant. We apologize for workload, but it cannot be avoided.

In its Supreme Court Ruling overturning the Stolen Valor Act as it pertained to Alvarez (charged with falsely claiming to have been awarded the Medal of Honor), the justices stated, “…and it has not shown, and cannot show, why counterspeech, such as the ridicule respondent received online and in the press, would not suffice to achieve its interest. The “counterspeech” referenced in the Supreme Court ruling involves voluntary, unofficial, social efforts by citizens and the press in the effort, and to shame the fake warriors into ceasing their disgraceful charade.

WE ARE A PART OF THE SUPREME COURT’S ANSWER TO FAKE WARRIORS! In addition, we are pleased to announce that FAKE WARRIORS, 2nd Edition, the book authored by our dear friends Hank and Erika Holzer will be available in August. The original, All our efforts in Branson, MO in November – the Annual GALA and the POW/MIA service – will continue. This year we will also add a Round Table Seminar during Veterans Homecoming, on FAKE WARRIORS.

We could not have done this transition without help from Jim L, Steve R, Joe O, Scott P and Hank Holzer. Their support, help, advice, and tech help was phenomenal. (I’m no geek!) It all works because of them. If we help you find answers, help us stay online and garner the attention this epidemic requires. We want to bring attention to the FAKE WARRIOR ACT of 2012 - and have it introduced as the responsible, constitutional answer to the Supreme Court ruling.

We need help in distributing this information, and need your support so that we can continue this effort. The data bases we use are not free, and hours and hours can be tied into trace work, evidence collecting, and web work. Donations are vital, but due to the work we do, donors cannot be publicly acknowledged on the site. Donors always receive a donation receipt. Continuing the legacy, Semper Fi Mary Schantag

Medallion for Grave Markers in Private cemeterries for Privately Purchased Headstones

Department of Veterans Affairs Medallion for grave headstones not in a National Cemetery. - click to enlarge

The Department of Veteran Affairs provides the above shown medallion, by request, to be affixed to an existing privately purchased headstone or marker to signify the deceased's status as a veteran.

This new product is furnished in lieu of a traditional Government headstone or marker for those veterans whose death occurred on or after November 1, 1990, and is in a private cemetery marked with a privately purchased headstone or marker.

The medallion is available in three sizes: 5 inches; 3 inches and 1-1/2 inches. Each medallion will be inscribed with the word "VETERAN" across the top and the branch of service at the bottom (see above).

For family members of eligible veterans interested in submitting a claim for the medallion, application instructions are on the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) web site at Until the new form is devised, use VA form 40-1330: Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker. Do not fill in block 11 (please leave blank) but in block 27, write Medallion, size chosen. (i.e., Medallion 3 in).

IMPORTANT: This is only in lieu of a government provided headstone and thus can be applied to a privately purchased headstone, grave marker, mausoleum or columbarium niche cover.



Update on New National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis
The National Archives and Records Administration's National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) will relocate more than 100 million records to a new $112 million modernized facility. Crews broke ground on the 474,000 square-foot facility on November 16, 2009. According to the St. Louis County Economic Council, the project is expected to pump $435 million into the local economy and involve more than 300 construction jobs.

NARA will lease the facility for twenty years from The Molasky Group of Companies through the General Services Administration (GSA). Located in North St. Louis County, the facility will open its doors in May 2011, which is also when the workforce of 800 will startmoving in. The entire move of personnel and records will take about seventeen months.

The new location will store approximately 2.3 million cubic feet of records currently housed at three different St. Louis area facilities. Records will be housed in climate-controlled stack areas designed for long-term preservation. The previous location was ravaged by a 1973 fire that was one of the worst in U.S. history. The fire destroyed the building's sixth floor and the records lost include those of Army personnel discharged between November 1, 1912, and December 31, 1959, and Air Force personnel discharged between September 25, 1947, and December 31, 1963, with names alphabetically following Hubbard, James.

Some records were salvaged from the disaster; these fire-damaged records have been stored in a climate-controlled area where specially trained preservation technicians treat the records for mold and delicately piece together whatever they can save. Despite the very fragile state of the burned records, preservationists have been able to r etrieve valuable information in an effort to reconstruct portions of a service member's personnel file.

With headquarters in Washington, D.C., the National Archives at St. Louis' NPRC is one of 44 NARA facilities located throughout the United States. For more information or questions please contact:

Wanda T. Williams
Archival Programs Division, Archivist
National Archives and Records Administration
9700 Page Avenue, Room 2005
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
314-801-9313 wk


POW/MIA Families are a target by an Unscupulous Individual Earlier this year, a POW/MIA family was contacted by a person who said that during a trip to SE Asia, he’d come into possession of their brother's military ID card. This family lost their loved one in 1969, and really have not had any evidence whether he survived or died when his plane crashed. Although hopeful, thankfully, the family followed through with a call to the Air Force Casualty Office which revealed that this person, Hadeltre Toma, has been running this particular scam on other MIA families. He goes by “Tre” and also used an email address with the name Bret Hart.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might be a target of this unscrupulous individual or if he or anyone offering you information about a POW/MIA immediately contact one of the service Casualty Offices:

USAF Missing Persons Branch 550 C Street West, Suite 15
Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4716
Tel: (800) 531-5501

Department of the Army U.S. Army Human Resources Command
200 Stovall Street
Alexandria, VA 22332-0482
Tel: 1 (800) 892-2490

Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps
Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MRC)
Personal and Family Readiness Division
3280 Russell Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5103
Tel: 1 (800) 847-1597
Website: "

Navy Personnel Command Casualty Assistance Division
POW/MIA Branch (PERS-624)
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-6210
Tel: 1 (800) 443-9298


25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans' The Moving Wall™

In White Pine, Michigan, from July 16 through 19, 2009, The American Legion Post 462 sponsored the memorable event of Vietnam Combat Veterans The Moving Wall™ 25th Anniversary.

Presentation of Colors - click to enlarge

The opening ceremony on Thursday evening, July 16, 2009, was a dignified gathering honoring the ten local heros who are on the Memorial. It was a reunion for two of the remaining founders, John Devitt and Norris Shears and the rememberance of Gerry Haver when 27 years ago the mobile memorial was an aspiration.

The one thing you cannot see
is the torrential rain throughout the entire ceremony. - click to enlarge

(L-R) Aaron and Lisa Gray,
Norris Shears, Joy and John Devitt receiving their plaque - click to enlarge These three men, Joy Devitt, Aaron and Lisa Grey were all honored for their dedication and inspiration keeping our veterans alive in our thoughts and hearts for all these incredible traveling years.

White Pine residents laid a wreath
at the apex of the memorial during the ceremony. - click to enlarge


Sarasota National Cemetery In January 9, 2009, Sarasota opened a National Cemetery covering our veterans needs for a dignified, respectful and deserving resting place in Florida's southern area. It is one of seven national shrines within Florida. The Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemeteries, oversees 128 national cemeteries in 39 states (including Puerto Rico).

Sarasota National Cemetery Will become a Community Showcase

Sarasota National Cemetery Artist rendition
of planned amphitheater - click to enlarge

There is nothing like this amphitheater in any of the current 131 National Cemeteries supported by Veterans Affairs throughout the United States. This partnership was through an endowment from the The Patterson Foundation in Sarasota, Florida. It will unveil an innovative assembly area capable of seating up to 2,500 visitors which will showcase a gathering place but will also include sculpture art and gardens for people to visit more than just once a year. Although most military cemeteries are designed for 10 years worth of buriels, Sarasota is prepared to handle 50 years worth of buriels. Although this addition will not begin until this current second phase of construction is completed by the summer 2012.

Check their website at

Sarasota National Cemetery Plaque - click to enlarge

The proposed new administrative and Welcome
Reception building - click to enlarge

Sarasota National Cemetery - click to enlarge

2011 wreath ceremony, unfortunately
there is never enough wreaths for each headstone - click to enlarge

Wreaths blessing our hereos - click to enlarge

From Arlington National Cemetery across America on Saturday, December 12, 2009, the First Annual Holiday Wreath Laying Ceremony was held at the Sarasota National Cemetery and all Federal Cemeteries from coast to coast. The ceremony commenced with wreaths being laid at every recipient's headstone and Christmas music provided by the Sarasota Military Academy Band. After the Posting of Colors, the National Anthem by the Sarasota Military Academy Choir and the Pledge of Allegiance and Retirement of Colors, there was the setting of the POW/MIA table with all military branch participating.

The guest speaker was Brigadier General(Retired Jerry L. Neff, there were Service Wreath presentation from each branch of Service and 3 POWs from WWII, Korea and Vietnam under the American flag. The closing included TAPS, a 21-gun salute and a beautiful closing of Amazing Grace by the Sarasota Military Academy Bagpipers.

Seeing all those beautiful red and green wreaths leaning up against the white marble was an inspirational remembrance of our loved ones highlighting the season of peace and love.

Becoming a volunteer at the center, is such an incredible honor. I had the privilege of working on May 30, 2009, on the "Official" Memorial Day along with other dedicated volunteers and an amazing Cemetery Staff who welcomed over 700 visitors for our "first" official holiday ceremony. We are small now, but our area has 295 acres to grow. We are located 4 miles from Interstate 75, east on State Road 72 and our toll free number is (877)861-9840.

Cemetery honors all veterans

(Published: Sunday, July 11, 2010 in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Editoral Page)

Our community is very patriotic, in many venues and on specific holidays. On these occasions, we vow "never to forget" our veterans and their dedicated service. However, I wonder if it is well known that our Sarasota National Cemetery o State Road 72 (Clark Road) takes it one step further to honor and give dignity to these heroes, especially when they pass away homeless. Every veteran, of whatever war or conflict, is honored with a proper military burial service.

The cemetery has volunteers who, when alerted, will attend an indigent's funeral. They come to pay their respects for family and friends who no longer are aware of this veteran. Every indigent receives a military service with the American flag, an honor guard, the playing of taps and a headstone highlighting his or her service. On July 2, I was so heartfelt to witness the huge crowd of volunteers who came for an indigent Vietnam veteran's funeral. There was even a small motorcycle procession. On our nation's birthday, we celebrate the birth of our country and the freedom we enjoy because of our veterans. Here was one veteran who was also celebrated, and his passing was not forgotten. Thank you to all of our veterans. Sharon Denitto (Touch the Wall)

The 295 acres of the Sarasota National Cemetery
in Sarasota, Florida - click to enlarge

Sarasota National Cemetery Artist rendition
of planned amphitheater - click to enlarge

Sarasota National Cemetery is located off of Interstate 75, south of Sarasota, exit number 205.  Heading east towards 
Myakka Park on State Road 72, the entrance is located on the right - 4 miles from exiting the interstate. (941) 922-7200 or 
(877) 861-9840 - click to enlarge


Attention: Unclaimed veterans to their final resting place in a National or State Veterans Cemetery

Recently I became aware of a publication called the North River News. A column called “Military and Motorcycles” recently ran the following article written by Terry Longpre

Those of you who have been following my ramblings by now realize I am driven to help folks who have been or are currently in the military. One of the saddest things I have heard of in a while was the fact that there are thousands of US military veterans remains sitting on shelves and on the floors of mortuaries and funeral homes throughout the United States. Recently I have been asked by the Florida Area Coordinator for the ‘Missing in America Project’ to further their mission they are your average folks in who live in your neighborhood. Patriot Guard Riders have volunteered locally, as well as across America to help locate and escort those unclaimed veterans to their final resting place in a National or State Veterans Cemetery.

The Missing in America Mission Statement pretty much explains it all. It says “The purpose of the MIA Project is to locate, identify and inter the unclaimed cremated remains of American veterans through the joint efforts of private, state and federal organizations. To provide honor and respect to those who have you may have stored or may not have been picked up by a family member. If you have any question as to if the person had been in the military contact one of the following people listed below from the MIAP for assistance.

Linda Smith
National Operations Coordinator
Missing in America Project

James Scollen
Florida Area Coordinator
(239)693 8050 Home
(239)634 8625 Cell 8 AM-5 PM


The national web site for the Missing in America Project (MIAP) is Those who have served this country should not have their remains in a can stored in a closet or on a shelf. They deserve better treatment and should be laid to eternal rest with full military honors in a National or State Veterans Cemetery. Help us locate, identify and inter them. “It’s the right thing to do.”

Contact Sharon Edwards
(941) 544-1956

or Assistant State Ride Captain Jim Dryer (Patriot Guard Riders)
(941) 713-4681

In a column which was published on October 8th, 2009 entitled Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, Part Two’ I mentioned a Buffalo Soldier by the name of Corporal Isaiah Mays who had been buried out behind the Arizona State Hospital in Phoenix, wrapped in a sheet. Between MIAP, Old Guard Riders and Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Clubs preparations were started in August 2008 to exhume Cpl. May’s and concluded with his interment at Arlington National Cemetery on May 29th, 2009. Help us to continue to make this happen. God bless America and those who serve in uniform.


First Army veteran killed in country -- Recently Harry G. Cramer III, son of Harry G. Cramer, the original first Army veteran killed in country. He brought to my attention that some of the information was not reported accurately. He asked if we could post the certified explanation which is now explained in detail. Also Mr. Cramer, along with Susan Welch, daughter of MIA Robert Welch, recorded an emotional ballad about their fathers and other veterans on the Wall. The beautiful words were written by sonttwgwriter, Joel Mabus.

Touch A Name (TTW was granted permission to play this tribute on July 10, 2009).


Significant Updates ****

Touch the Wall Updated. the Repatriation chart is currently being updated and will soon reflect all of the veterans brought home. Since the 18 March 2012, the "unaccounted veterans" are now at 1677. The breakdown is as follows: The countries involved are: VN (Vietnam North - 472), VS (Vietnam South - 814), CB (Cambodia - 58, CH (China - 7) and LA (Laos - 326) which accumlative is 1713 and is inclusive of the 32 Civilians noted above. Please note that more than 450 are over-water losses. Please contact me if you want a breakdown of the 3 categories for each country. We understand the concerns of the families who believe there needs to be more commprehensive testing which concludes the results are error free. However, once the POW/MIA Task Force releases their conclusions, we feel we should at least announce their results. New additions will be entered soon.

Six (6) veterans were added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington on Memorial Day 2013. The 2013 inductees, were announced and they now have their rightful place on "The Wall." Their panel and line number were assigned, and you can review these additions at Names Added Chart.

Also the In Memory Day Ceremony was held in June 2012. The In Memory veterans are now documented and now available for review at In Memory Veterans Chart

Vietnam Dog Handlers - War Dog Memorial Information

Help For Family Members

Veterans Names Not Inscribed on the Memorial


Catching Wannabe (phoney) veterans - A NATIONWIDE EPIDEMIC

For years, volunteers working with the veteran communities have had to keep a look-out for individuals bragging about their military service, their medals and involvement in various conflicts. Up until a few years ago, all we could do was report their activities and list them on various look out watch lists. Throughout these investigations, many documents are posted to help people seek out these "wanna bes" in order to correctly document their activities and wave a red flag for anyone caught in this fictitious scenario. Supporting Documents

New Stolen Valor Bill Signed into Law - Very Significant

On December 20, 2006, signed by the President. "Should any who are not entitled to these honors have the insolence to assume the badges of them, they shall be severely punished." The bill states: the "Stolen Valor Act of 2005," which expands criminal penalties for fraud relating to military decorations and medals. Read the full background and history of this amazing and fully supported legislation effecting military awards since the Medal of Honor review of 1917. Background and History of this Law


Run For The Wall

Patch designed by Paul Herrick, brother of
Jim Herrick for the 2009 Run for the Wall

You can learn more about Rolling Thunder.

A great new Moving Wall site is up and runnng and what an incredible site it is. Blogger, Jerry Blitefield, created this informative site. Since 1998, when he came across The Moving Wall™ Jerry began studying the original half-scale replica of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, unable to travel with The Moving Wall™ this summer, he decided to set up a blog of each set up so that they could tell this amazing ongoing story of The Moving Wall™.