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Discrepancies on the Memorial

There have been books and articles written on various discrepancies that were accidentally engraved on the memorial. Some misspellings were embarrassing mistakes whereas some inaccuracies disappointed family members alarmed that the faults are permanent.

Nowhere is there a complete listing of these discrepancies and what the actual correct displayed engraving should be. There is also no place that these discrepancies can be reported so the misinformation can be verified.

Although it is known marble cannot be erased, it would be encouraging to know that if the memorial were in the process of being re-engraved, the corrections would be made. We want to give those with discrepancies a venue to post them to us, we would then verify the information and add it to our discrepancy list.

Hopefully one day these mistakes would be reviewed and correctly engraved.

Discrepancies Chart

Key to Discrepancy Chart

Bruce Info


CACCF or C Department of Defense database
DD 1300 Department of Defense incident report
Directory or D Directory of Names book
Mangi Names Chuck Mangi's "Names" DOS program
N-Q No-quarter Casualty report website
NYT New York Times
SDB Sharon's Database
SV Stolen Valor book
T Time magazine
TMW The Moving Wall
Unknown Original reason for attention is not known
VVMF Notices Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
1982 Before the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated
1983 After names were engraved on the Memorial
Please Note: It was brought to my attention that one entry on 1,441 veteran profiles is repeated misspelled. They are listed as being KIA in HUA NGHIA Province. The province should be correctly spelled as Hau Nghia.